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The field of social cause communications is far more vast and interdisciplinary than its title alludes to. In Communication for Social Change: Context, Social Movements and the Digital, author Pradip Ninan Thomas (2019) reassures readers that social cause communications efforts are always shaped by, “a context that includes preexisting institutions, social practices, cultures, power flows, hierarchies, and the quality of empowerment,” (p. 3). The inception of social cause communications is nearly impossible to pinpoint to one single instance, however the study and critique of these have been recorded since the mid- to late-20th century (Thomas, 2019, p. 5).

In social…

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In a world where our relationships to each other hold so much value, and trust determines most of the decisions we make, marketing professionals and community managers have invested heavily in the concept of user-generated content, or UGC, to connect audiences to brands, and thus services, products, and resources that usually promise to enrich their lives in one way or another.

UGC is any sort of media that is created by parties outside of the actual brand that promotes or gives exposure to products and services. Early on in brands’ use of UGC, it was typically organic content that connected…

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…at least I think. I am not a parent, so I don’t really know what it’s like to enforce rules on other people.

This week, in my attempts to encourage my BTS Facebook Group to engage a little more, and to ensure they do so in a way that is respectful and follows the guidelines I laid out when I first created it, I shared a little post with some fandom-relevant language that I hope will come off as cute and funny instead of driving straight into overkill.

I had plans of filming a short video, but was swiftly humbled…

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Social movements are a complex phenomenon that have become even more intricate in their dynamic as social media continues to usher in ways to connect across the world in mere seconds.

Families Belong Together is the campaign associated with the movement that arose in 2018 response to the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy which apprehended immigrants crossing the southern border illegally and separating children from their parents indefinitely.

In what felt like hours, movements all over the country were being planned, voiced by celebrities and high profile politicians such as Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, singer John Legend and Senator/Vice President-Elect…

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This week in class we learned how to be one of the cool kids and create content that appeals to the trendsetting Generation Z.

I like to think that separate from the fact that I’m not an overnight viral sensation, I keep up with plenty of Internet trends. I am quick to catch onto memes and my vernacular is very aligned with what you’d hear from a typical college Freshman, even though I don’t belong to the age group.

I’m a child of the Internet, you might say. We are many nowadays, so there’s nothing special about your content unless…

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If there is something I’ve learned about my time studying social media, it is that it is easy and comfortable to stay in the shadows, but stage fright even in a digital space is a real thing.

So this week, in an attempt to recruit more members for my BTS Lyrics Discussion Facebook Group, I took to other platforms to try and find my people elsewhere and invite them into my little space on the Internet.

And reader, it was difficult. It was scary. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Once you’ve defined your audience, which is a great…

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One of the most fascinating characteristics about the phenomenon of a social media influencer is the development of a new type of parasocial relationships between them and their audience.

In 2020, there is nary a movement that doesn’t have an online presence. This is great, because important messages are reaching further than they ever have, and people all around the world are being impacted by powerful ideas and people. Megan Jayne Crabbe, or better known as Bodyposipanda, is an English social media influencer who uses her platform to advocate for the inclusion of different types of marginalized communities. Her main…

So you’ve built a brand.

You put your blood, sweat and tears into the background, purpose and vision for your brand. But your engagement is suffering. You want organic interaction and conversation in the digital space around your brand and real connection with your current and potential audience.

There are a few concepts you need to distinguish and some strategies you need to adopt in order to build an audience base that is connected, loyal and works as ambassadors on behalf of your brand.

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1. Make time for your community

To ensure that your community is getting what they need, you’ve got to plan ahead. Your…

Over the past few weeks, as I dive into the world of Facebook Groups moderation, I have discovered some tips that I’ve been trying to stick to as I curate my own little corner of the Internet. I hope these tips are useful to you as you venture into any sort of closed social network in the hopes of building a tight-knit online community.

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Managing a Facebook Group can sometimes feel a lot like being president of a school club — you know people are there because they want to be, but sometimes it is difficult to keep everyone on the same page, or paying attention to important conversations that are being had.

In a quest to learn more about what kind of content and dynamic drive Facebook Groups engagement and what a healthy online community looks like, I took a closer look at some groups that were in my own lines of interest.

I settled on a group called Polyglots (The Community) —…

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